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Uhlsports Eliminator Absolutgrip HN Keeper Glove


RM 399.00



In 2001 we launched our own patented ABSOLUTGRIP foam onto the market. We guard the formula like gold. It achieves the perfect balance between absolute grip and durability. So it was a bold decision to change a tried and tested formula, but that‘s exactly what we did. We wanted to use today‘s technology to find out if it was possible to make any improvements. And lo and behold, we managed to make our best even better. The result? Better grip and impact absorption. By introducing small quantities of certain additives (= adhesives) we have managed to make the grip noticeably better. Impact absorption has been improved through the use of material of an elaborate composition. We are very excited about the final result. After all the extensive testing we‘re pleased to say it‘s now in production. We call it ABSOLUTGRIP PLUS.



This impact-absorbing element has a special high-grip abrasionresistant surface. We call it SCHOCKZONE - its helps you when you‘re punching and makes your gloves even more hard-wearing.


Classic Cut

Our classic  cut is the embodiment of traditional values. The palm and back of the glove are stitched together along the sides of the fingers. The result? A proven design: classic, comfortable, not too tight and not too wide.


Negative Cut = Tight Cut

In the so-called Negative Cut, the glove is stitched from the left. While the seam still runs along the sides of the fingers, in this cut it does not lie on the outside of the glove, but faces inward. That gives these gloves a tighter fit around the fingers.


Product information

Patented fluorescent yellow ABSOLUTGRIP developed for Brazil 2014. Advanced cushioning and outstanding grip under all weather conditions.
3D-embossed latex
Half-negative cut with wrapped thumb for a tighter fit and secure saves
Comfortable textile for best breathability and wearing comfort
Wrap-around latex strap and full bandage for good fixation
Unique Eliminator design with new functional upperhand elements
  • Ergonomically preshaped cut for best wearing characteristics
  • Latex gusset for best gripping properties
  • Negative stitched thumb with wrap for best gripping properties - 3D-embossed SCHOCKZONE element for optimised punching performance and cushioning
  • Wrap at the edge of the hand for optimized fitting properties
Latex: 64% Polyester: 27% Nylon: 5% PU: 4%


8, 9, 10, 11, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5